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Green in Krinitzi

Unique and prestigious boutique project of two 5-story residential buildings which include only 20 apartments. Project designed by Rani Ziss Architects, leaders in the field, defining new standards; the apartments are designed to take full advantage of the home space with high ceilings, rich quality specifications which will provide you with a prestigious living experience of wide-open spaces and perfect pampering. There are several types of premium apartments to choose from: Roof Duplex – with giant balconies facing open views, and Garden Duplex – with a private elevator and spacious garden, providing the feel of a private home.

ילדה שמחה מחזיקה פרחים ליד העיניים

The perfect location in Ramat Gan

The location of the project, between Kfar Azar and Kiryat Krinitzi, will allow tenants to enjoy a quality community environment adjacent to a pastoral green park. The new Krinitzi neighbourhood in Ramat Gan is considered one of the most prestigious in the city and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of life in the center, entertainment in the commercial center, plenty of gardens and a neighbourhood park with green expanses of fresh air and nature that includes extensive lawns and walking paths, fitness facilities and games. The neighbourhood is located near Tel HaShomer Hospital, the safari, neighbourhood cafes and pubs in the nearby areas of Kfar Azar and Ramat Efal. Your children also deserve more! Activities and a youth club, the Scouts and a neighbourhood community center. These days, the largest educational complex in the country is being established with sports fields, cultural halls and more.

A little about Shatban

Shatban is a well-established and reliable construction company that has been operating for decades and is one of the first companies in Israel to plan and carry out demolition and reconstruction projects in accordance with NOP 38. The company is managed by Shaul Shteckler, a contractor and veteran entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the field, member of the Israel Builders Association and the Contractors and Builders Association of Tel Aviv Jaffa-Bat Yam. As part of its activities, the company is engaged in initiating and investing in real estate projects, planning, consulting and working with authorities, as well as project supervision and management.


Shatban operate both as an entrepreneur and as an executive contractor, and specialize in the construction of residential buildings in the cities of Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Tel Aviv and specializes in “Pinui-Binui” (evacuation-construction) transactions and/or combination transactions, apartment buildings, ground-level villas and office buildings, building extensions and adding floors to existing buildings as well as strengthening structures against earthquakes (NOP 38). The projects are all planned and built in collaboration with first-class architects and professionals, while maintaining the most advanced and high-quality construction materials that include rich and luxurious technical specifications.